Thursday, August 16, 2007

The War in Los Angeles

There is a war going on in Los Angeles.

Not a war that involves guns or knives....but one that involves yogurt.

Yup...frozen yogurt.

Of course I have had frozen yogurt before. Who doesn't have a TCBY in their neighborhood. But this my friends not the frozen yogurt you may be use to.

It all started with a place called Pinkberry.....or as many people call it "Crackberry"

So what is pinkberry? It is a frozen yogurt that tastes like yogurt (simple enough). The yogurt itself is tangy and stiff, without an strong artifical sweetner taste that many frozen yogurts have. Oh..did I mention it is non-fat? Pinkberry only has 2 flavors...original and green tea. You can pick from several different favorites are the fresh fruit ones (strawberry, mango and blueberry to be exact) but there are also dry toppings (cereals, yogurt chips, nuts).

Since Pinkberry opened there have been TONS of imitators in the Los Angeles area. I am not kidding when I say there is a war. Google "Yogurt Wars and Los Angeles" and you will get a ton of articles about the frozen yogurt frenzy that is happing in these parts. There is seriously a new fro-yo place popping up on every corner. Pinkberry opened in there are over 20 Pinkberry's in the Los Angeles area...and that does not include the hundreds of other "natural yogurt" stores that have cropped up since.

When I first got to LA I knew I had to try pinkberry. The first time Eric & I went we were ok. I enjoyed it...but I didn't think it was anything THAT special. Eric...did not like it at all.

Then...I kept wanting to go back!! I recently read an article that included a quote that totally sums up how we felt: "The first time you try it, you're like -- 'Eh,' and then you're like, 'Did I eat that whole thing?' And then the next day you are like, 'I could really go for a Pinkberry right now.' "

At first Eric would not even order one. Then...he kept eatting more and more bites of mine. Finally one day he turns to me and says...."ok...I like Pinkberry now".

Now he gets his own!

I am ashamed to tell you how often we eat frozen yogurt (or how much money we spend on it...pinkberry is not cheap!). Lets just say we found a pinkberry on the way to work....and this week...I have had a frozen yogurt every day on the way into the theatre.

We leave Los Angeles at the end of this month. It will be a sad sad day when I have to say goodbye to my dear Pinkberry.

I read an article that they are thinking about opening a store in San Diego...I just hope it opens by the time we get there!!!


Mary M. said...

Ok, that stuff looks ADDICTIVE - I totally get it! I want one!

Amanda said...

That's my kinda war! YUM YUM!

Courtney said...

yummmm don't be ashamed of getting one every day! I would too!

kaitlin said...

OMG, you are so mean! That looks sooo yummy. I'm waiting for TCBY Sunday (my treat if I go to the gym all week...teehee). YUMMMMMMY!

Anonymous said...

That was really good - and you are right - the one and only time I had it I thought it was OK/good (I loved the leechees or however you spell them). I have to admit I have thought of pinkberry since coming home and kinda wished I could get one here.....