Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Day In The Life of a Merchandise Jocky

So I thought I would show you the exciting thing that I do while Eric performs.

The happy merchandise employees hard at work

Working merchandise is obviously a huge jump from where I use to be before Jersey Boys. I hated my job at Chrysler. I was extremely unhappy and I knew it was not the place for me. I was very excited to leave when Eric booked Jersey Boys. However, it was a pretty big shift to go from working a 50 - 60 hour week to working the merch counter a few hours a night.

When I first started at Chrysler I was working in the Customer Relations department. Every day from 8 - 5 I took phone calls or e-mails from people complaining about their cars. Every phone call was someone yelling at me. I was called every fowl name you could ever imagine. So...I think we can all assume that I know how to deal with people.

Never in my life have I dealt with more annoying people then when working the merchandise counter for Jersey Boys. I have lost just a little respect for the human race after working this job.

Today I would like to just list some of my favorite (please note the sarcasm) questions/comments that are asked.....

  1. What is the difference between these CD's - Ok, please reference the pictures below. We have 2 cd's. Thats it just 2. Please note how they clearly say "Jersey Boys" and "The Best of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons". Apparently people do not know how to read now a days because at least 75% of the people that come to the counter look at me in bewilderment and ask what the difference is. How I yearn every day to look and them and say "Read the titles"!!!!
  2. I will take a Jersey Boys shirt - We have about 10 shirts. All of them say "Jersey Boys". I love it when people walk up and just say...I will have a Jersey Boys shirt. Well, all of our shirts say Jersey Boys...which one were you referring to????? Then they look at me weird when I ask which one they desire. Sorry Sir...I am not a mind reader.
  3. Do you have a "Jersey Girls" Shirt? - well...considering that the show is called JERSEY BOYS. No. Yeah, I think I said that to someone once. Well Ma'am, the show is not called Jersey Girls so we don't produce shirts like that.
  4. (while walking around the theatre with a bag selling programs/cd's)Do you take Credit Cards? Yeah....let me just get the credit card machine out of my pocket. Have you ever seen a vendor walking around with a credit card machine??? I have not. I mean we have one at the counter but I don't lug one around while I am cruising around the theatre...sorry!
  5. Can you get this CD anywhere else?? Yes, our CD's are expensive. They are $25 a piece and I admit they are overpriced. But everything you buy at the theatre is overpriced. A coke is $3...candy bar $3....etc. Do you walk into Best Buy and ask them if the product is cheaper at Circuit City? No....
And now...I would like to reenact a lovely patron that came and visited me today. I was lucky to have her as my first customer of the she put me in a super mood!!

Lady: Where are your sweatshirts? I want the sweatshirt that says "Big Girls Don't Cry"

Me: I am sorry we do not have that kind of sweatshirt

Lady: Well the bartender outside said she has one

Me: Sorry we do not sell that...maybe she got it somewhere else?

Lady: No ... she got it here. She told me.

Me: Sorry we do not make that shirt...maybe she made it herself!?!

Lady: NO! She works here! She would know!!!!

Me: Well, I apologize ma'am but I work for the tour and we do not sell that shirt in a sweatshirt

Lady (to friend): wow, this girl is a bitch

Me: **Smile**

Lady: Ok, I will take the "Big Girls Don't Cry" t-shirt

**Ok, lets pause. Our womens shirts run VERY small. I wear a large and if I were to wash it in warm water it would be way too small. The shirts are also 100% cotton so they shirk very easily. I tell everyone to get 1 - 2 sizes higher than you normally would. Currently...we are out of Large's and X-tra larges**

Me: (I was not trying to be mean...I promise....I was in no way saying anything about this womans weight) I am sorry we only have Small and Medium we are all out of Large and X-tra Large

Lady: I would NEVER wear those sizes ... How Rude!!! I will take a medium.

**I show her the medium and you can tell in her eyes that she realizes it is too small. Even her friend that is really small...I think she bought the shirt just to spite me. Thats fine...hope it fits!**

So...thats a day in the life of merchandise girl.

Moral of the story: if you come to see Jersey Boys...I beg you. Read the CD titles :)


Amanda said...

haha...those are funny stories!

Stacy Chaps said...

I love it! A day in the life of a disgruntled merchandise sales wife. :) I bet that lady thinks of you every time she has to pass over that shirt in her T-shirt drawer.

Anonymous said...

Tell me Sarah - after working as a Merchadise Jocky are you ready to go back to Dodge International when this tour is over? - Unfortunately working the phones at Chrysler you have been intruduced to all types of customer - Hope you have better luck the rest of your tour
Love you both

Anonymous said...

well,... all i can say is.....
hey there,, you got any of them Jersey gurls t shirts?/ and,, hey,, are those the real 4 seasons on the CD??
love you,,

Cheri said...

Dear merch-girl,
I can tell that you are having the most interesting experience. All I can say is try to remember, Big girls don't cry!" Keep pushing the BLOG! You sound just like Carrie from S** and the City!.

La Bela Vita said...

I promise when the tour comes here I will not ask stupid questions :)