Sunday, August 12, 2007

I love good food

I love good food.

Good food is my vice. Some people buy a lot of shoes...or spend a ton of money on cars.

I have a spending problem when it comes to good eats.

Whenever we are in a new town I am scouring the papers, citysearch and my new favorite website Yelp for the best restaurants in town. Unique places that really have a personality are my favorite. I have already convinced Eric to take me to a certain restaurant when we are in Sacramento (yes...I research restaurants before we get into new towns).

This weekend I was in Huntington Beach visiting my friends. On Friday...a few of my girl friends went out to a FABULOUS breakfast/lunch.

My friend Kim (who loves food just about as much as I do) took us to this amazing place in San Juan Capistrano called: Ramos House.

I LOVE the idea behind the place. The owner of the restaurant (a hottie 30-something punk rocker type of guy) lives and works on the premisis. All of the herbs are grown in the garden overlooking the restaunt and the ice cream is turned out back.

The delicious menu changes daily and everything is made from scratch.

We all got something different so we could eat off each others plates. You have to love 4 chicks that don't care about how many carbs or how much cheese is on the plate. Everything was amazing...I cannot explain how delicious the food was.


My friend Lorelei and I love some good bloody mary's. Nothing beats drinking a spicy drink during a saturday morning football tailgate. We truely thought we had perfected our drink...and we are not scared to say we pride ourselves on making them for people ( took a while to figure out our perfect recipe).

Lorelei and I were put to SHAME at this restaurant. Can you say homemade picked green beans and a crab claw in the drink?? The picture does not do it justice!

Eric is on as a lead for the 2 shows I am off to sell some t-shirts and then watch the show.

Have a good sunday!


Marcie Muensterbee said...

I loooooooooove good food, interesting places to eat and hole in the wall perfection :)...

It sounds great!!

enjoy the show!!

Chrissy said...

We are kindred spirits. I too have this love and I can show you around every hole in the wall as well as every upscale GOOD EAT in Miami. I also know where to get the best takeout to watch reality tv with!!

stanman said...

well,, first thing I have to say is...... great blog... now I have two to look forward to reading....
as to your zest for good food,,, I am most proud,, I have instilled something good in you.... see,, I knew what I was doing when I bought you pots and pans.... thats my girl..

Courtney said...

That bloody mary looks delicious. Almost as good as a caesar made with Clamato juice!!!

Anonymous said...

I found another great idea for our new and improved bloodies - frozen grape tomatoes as ice cubes! Dang, next state tailgate (when you are back for good) is sure going to be fancy!