Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Shes growing!

Today I am 22 weeks and 1 day pregnant. Pretty crazy!!! I feel like it is going super fast. Here are some 20 week pictures for you:

I am actually still feeling kind of crappy. I definitely have my good days and my bad days. I will say the bad days are pretty bad. I am ready to just feel "ok" again. While the nausea is slowly starting to fade, other fabulous side effects of pregnancy are starting to rear their ugly head. Back pain...round ligament pain (for people that don't know what that is...it's what is most commonly referred to as "lightening crotch")...acne...etc etc etc.

I have to say, I am very envious of the people that say they LOVE being pregnant. Do not get me wrong...I am so so SO excited to be having a baby and I feel very lucky that we got pregnant so easily...but this is not what I would refer to as "fun". I know once she gets here all the ugly side effects of pregnany will dissaper from my memory...but right now this is not easy and certainly not fun.

One thing that is fun....the baby is kicking up a storm! She is totally going to be a little swimmer (with the way she is kicking I am predicting her stroke will be butterfly)... or a Rockette (although I doubt with her parents height she will get past the first auditions). Eric has felt her kick a few times as well which is of course very exciting.

I think we have also decided on our furniture. We just have to put in the order!

Today we made our first big baby purchase! Not only did we make a purchase but we got one hell of a deal. I had a craving after the Martha show. For some reason I wanted a hot dog. Eric and I leashed up Toby and heading to a hot dog place about 15 blocks away. On the way up we stopped at a new baby store that had recently opened. They happened to have a floor model upholstered glider that was in PERFECT condition for 50% off. This is like a top of the line 700+ chair and we got it on super sale. It is actually EXACTLY what I was looking for in the exact fabric and color that we wanted. It was totally fate! Now we have a big ol' chair in our small apartment just covered by a sheet until we can get somewhere that has a room for the babies nursey.

As far as bedding goes. I found a fabulous vendor on etsy.com that is going to custom make our bedding with some super sassy fabric AND Michaels girlfriend Eliza is going to make us some custom artwork for the nursey as well ( I am SO excited about this, her work is AMAZING). This babies room is totally going to be a million times better than my bedroom!

So there is your update! A couple other exciting things going on that I will have to update you on when everything is set in stone. Stay tuned :)

Chillin' with my girl Martha

I know ... I know. It has been a while. I will spare you the apology and just say that I will TRY and post more often.

Anyways..onto the excitement of the day.

Today my friend Jenna and I were in the studio audience for the first (in studio) episode of the Martha Stewart Show.
We showed up around 8am and there was already a line down the block. It was crazy to see the weird mixture of random Martha Stewart fans. You had the crazy Martha psycho fansd, the angry husbands that you could tell were just dragged there by their wives, even the local scrapbooking club.

Once inside you had to go through a through security check. I am talking FULL purse check and a metal detector! This was serious business I guess. We were all herded into the "waiting area" where you were made to fill out random waivors and watch past Martha shows on TV.

About 30 minutes before the show started we were allowed into the studio. Jenna and I had prime seats. Totally in the center a few rows up. We had a full view of everything going on.

Check out the in studio kitchen cooking before the show

They were totally playing...lets "warm you up" music in the studio. Definitely NOT things that I imagined being played at Martha Stewart...Usher..Rihanna...etc. It was also funny people watching and checking out the older woman in front of me trying to clap (off beat may I add) to the beats of Usher.

After about a 10 minute warm of up the crowd (an explantion on how to clap...turn your cell phones off...get excited...bla bla) the live show started!

It was a very uneventful show to be honest (tomorrow is Perez Hilton...dang! missed him by one day!!)...especially for her first show of the season. There was a chef on who made some ice cream (not that we got to taste it or anything), Martha's snarky daughter (they totally ripped on each other the whole time), a crafting segment, a cake decorating segment (once again...not something we got to taste) and thats about it!

After the show Martha answer some questions from the audiance...

and then we were hurried out the door. We did get a bag full of Martha swag but nothing huge. A crafting tool, kitchen gadget, some scrapbooking crap and a gift certificate to Michaels.

OF COURSE I tivo'd the episode and you totally see me and my orange shirt clapping and smiling several times. If you missed it I have it on the tivo...you always have an open invitation to come over any day and check out my famous-ness!