Thursday, August 30, 2007


Today is our last day in Los Angeles. Tonight we pack up and in the morning we head to Sacramento.

In honor of us leaving I thought I would tell you about some of the lovely customers I have encountered at the merchandise counter during our stint in LA.

Lets start with the woman who came in yesterday. We were setting up the counter and a woman comes in and asks if we can make change for $100. Lets backtrack for a second and let me politely describe her. She was a "larger" woman. She was wearing black spandex shorts (that were too small) and an extremely tight tank top and left nothing to the imagination. was VERY hot out. So...she was LOT.

We tell her...yes we can change the $100. Then the fun part.

She reaches into the shorts. Not right at the belly band area...but INTO her shorts. Like into her crotch region and pulls out a crinkled sweat covered $100 bill. It was pretty disgusting.

We seriously thought we were on a hidden camera show. It was that shocking. We could not believe what had just happened. One word...EWWWW. Thank god for hand sanitizer.

The next lady...this was the 2nd time we had the pleasure of meeting. The first time she came to the theatre she was absolutely WASTED. Not a little drunk...but BLASTED. She kept talking to me and touching me and I could not understand a word she was saying because she was so drunk. I think she got kicked out that night.

2 weeks later this wonderful woman returns. Once again...she is WASTED!! This time she decided to buy a CD. She got out some of her money...and one of the dollar bills was pretty crinkled up. So...being the thoughtful woman that she was she LICKED the bill to help in straightening it out. Then she hands it to me with a straight face. Once again...thank god for hand sanitizer.

We all know that money is dirty....but I would prefer that I don't see the bills getting soiled in front of my face!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Go Green! Go White!

As summer comes to a close I am starting to get homesick.

Missing friends and family is a given...but one of the things that I will miss most about Michigan is the Fall. I love experiencing the four seasons. Sure...being in summer like weather all year around is fine...but to be gets boring! I don't think I could ever permanently live in California. I would really just miss fall too much!!

Fall is my favorite season If you have never spent a fall in Michigan you do not know what you are missing. First of all the changing of the leaves is absolutely beautiful. It's like the whole state is putting on a beautiful show for you.

I lived in Northern Michigan for a year when I worked for Chrysler....and it is so amazing just to drive around while the leaves are changing.

The weather is absolutly perfect. The kind of weather where you can wear jeans and a nice comfy sweater. The cider mills open up and you can go get some fresh cider and yummy donuts. I hate donuts ... but nothing beats a fresh cider mill donut!

The most depressing part of not being in Michigan??? Missing tailgating season. I love my alma mater Michigan State. I bleed Green & White! Every year we make sure to at least go to a few tailgates. Tailgates at Michigan State are legendary!

In the good ol' days you had to get in line at like 2am to get a "good spot". Now, some rules have changed and you are not actually allowed to line up. However...we still get there early!

We do it up big time. Chocolate chip pancakes, sausages, bloody marys, hot apple cider with rum...and thats just breakfast!

I hope I will be able to find some kind of Michigan State Alumni bar out here. I just dread the thought of watching a State game without having some of my Sparty's around me!

People do not mess around with tailgates in these parts. I cherish my saturday mornings that I spent with all of my friends on the campus of Michigan State. I will miss you guys this year! Make sure to think of me while you are playing flip cups!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Day In The Life of a Merchandise Jocky

So I thought I would show you the exciting thing that I do while Eric performs.

The happy merchandise employees hard at work

Working merchandise is obviously a huge jump from where I use to be before Jersey Boys. I hated my job at Chrysler. I was extremely unhappy and I knew it was not the place for me. I was very excited to leave when Eric booked Jersey Boys. However, it was a pretty big shift to go from working a 50 - 60 hour week to working the merch counter a few hours a night.

When I first started at Chrysler I was working in the Customer Relations department. Every day from 8 - 5 I took phone calls or e-mails from people complaining about their cars. Every phone call was someone yelling at me. I was called every fowl name you could ever imagine. So...I think we can all assume that I know how to deal with people.

Never in my life have I dealt with more annoying people then when working the merchandise counter for Jersey Boys. I have lost just a little respect for the human race after working this job.

Today I would like to just list some of my favorite (please note the sarcasm) questions/comments that are asked.....

  1. What is the difference between these CD's - Ok, please reference the pictures below. We have 2 cd's. Thats it just 2. Please note how they clearly say "Jersey Boys" and "The Best of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons". Apparently people do not know how to read now a days because at least 75% of the people that come to the counter look at me in bewilderment and ask what the difference is. How I yearn every day to look and them and say "Read the titles"!!!!
  2. I will take a Jersey Boys shirt - We have about 10 shirts. All of them say "Jersey Boys". I love it when people walk up and just say...I will have a Jersey Boys shirt. Well, all of our shirts say Jersey Boys...which one were you referring to????? Then they look at me weird when I ask which one they desire. Sorry Sir...I am not a mind reader.
  3. Do you have a "Jersey Girls" Shirt? - well...considering that the show is called JERSEY BOYS. No. Yeah, I think I said that to someone once. Well Ma'am, the show is not called Jersey Girls so we don't produce shirts like that.
  4. (while walking around the theatre with a bag selling programs/cd's)Do you take Credit Cards? Yeah....let me just get the credit card machine out of my pocket. Have you ever seen a vendor walking around with a credit card machine??? I have not. I mean we have one at the counter but I don't lug one around while I am cruising around the theatre...sorry!
  5. Can you get this CD anywhere else?? Yes, our CD's are expensive. They are $25 a piece and I admit they are overpriced. But everything you buy at the theatre is overpriced. A coke is $3...candy bar $3....etc. Do you walk into Best Buy and ask them if the product is cheaper at Circuit City? No....
And now...I would like to reenact a lovely patron that came and visited me today. I was lucky to have her as my first customer of the she put me in a super mood!!

Lady: Where are your sweatshirts? I want the sweatshirt that says "Big Girls Don't Cry"

Me: I am sorry we do not have that kind of sweatshirt

Lady: Well the bartender outside said she has one

Me: Sorry we do not sell that...maybe she got it somewhere else?

Lady: No ... she got it here. She told me.

Me: Sorry we do not make that shirt...maybe she made it herself!?!

Lady: NO! She works here! She would know!!!!

Me: Well, I apologize ma'am but I work for the tour and we do not sell that shirt in a sweatshirt

Lady (to friend): wow, this girl is a bitch

Me: **Smile**

Lady: Ok, I will take the "Big Girls Don't Cry" t-shirt

**Ok, lets pause. Our womens shirts run VERY small. I wear a large and if I were to wash it in warm water it would be way too small. The shirts are also 100% cotton so they shirk very easily. I tell everyone to get 1 - 2 sizes higher than you normally would. Currently...we are out of Large's and X-tra larges**

Me: (I was not trying to be mean...I promise....I was in no way saying anything about this womans weight) I am sorry we only have Small and Medium we are all out of Large and X-tra Large

Lady: I would NEVER wear those sizes ... How Rude!!! I will take a medium.

**I show her the medium and you can tell in her eyes that she realizes it is too small. Even her friend that is really small...I think she bought the shirt just to spite me. Thats fine...hope it fits!**

So...thats a day in the life of merchandise girl.

Moral of the story: if you come to see Jersey Boys...I beg you. Read the CD titles :)

I am a Celebra-whore!

I have a problem.

I admit it....I am somewhat of a "Celebrity Whore". I read all those junk know the ones...US Weekly, People, etc....

I also religously check out Perez Hilton everyday to get my up to the minute celebrity gossip.

Whenever we go to Las Vegas I am alway walking around with my eyes peeled hoping to "see" someone.

Now don't get me wrong. I am not a crazy person. I really just want to "see" people.....I rarely go up to anyone to take a picture or ask for an autograph.

Since being in Los Angeles, I have to admit, I have been a little disappointed. I expected it to be the mecca of all celebrity sightings....especially, since Jersey Boys is such a huge show. I sit at a merchandise booth that overlooks the main entrance. So I basically just stare at the doors the whole time waiting for someone fun to come in.

Sure....there have been some random people here and there. Dustin Hoffman was at the show about a week ago. But where are the Brad Pitts? The John Mayers? The David Beckhams? Don't they like musicals too?!?!?

Here is my other thing. I get really excited about totally random celebrities. Angelina Jolie could walk by me and I would just shrug my shoulders. But if Nicole Richie came in...whew...I would probably pee my pants.

I LOVE the show Felicity. If Felicity is on TV I will watch the repeat no matter how many times I have seen it. Last night was one of my random celebrity moments. Greg Grunberg (who is currently on the show heroes and was also on Felicity) was at the show last night. Eric is obsessed with I knew that I had to tell Greg to come backstage. At intermission I was walking around selling programs and I saw him. I knew I had to say something.

Greg was possibily the nicest person I had ever met. He was so kind and so excited about the show. I asked him if he would mind going backstage after as the cast would love to meet him. He was so exited! His answer: "I would be HONORED to go backstage".

I had to include this one for Heroes fans. On the show Greg reads minds. During the second act Eric was saying "If he comes backstage I am totally going to make a comment about him reading my mind". I told him he was a dork and we moved on. When we were taking the picture, Greg actually turned to Eric and said..."Ok, lets take a picture of me reading your mind". I think Eric's heart may have skipped a beat just a little..

Here are just a few other random pics....

Eric and some of the cast of Jersey Boys with Paul Stanley from KISS

With Camryn Mainheim

With Julie Haggerty from Airplane! "I am serious, and don't call me Shirley"

Eric with Garry Marshall

So...if anyone knows Nicole Richie....give her my number. I would love to give her a baby shower present!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I never thought I would say this....

But I am going to miss Los Angeles.

I was loathing coming to LA. I thought that I was going to HATE it.

But to be honest...I am going to really miss this crazy town.

First of all....Toby the dog loves it here. He has a nice backyard to hang out in and a dog park just down the street. He is so happy when he can just hang out in the sun all day.

The next city we are going to is Sacramento. We did not have time to find alternate housing so this will be our first experience with company housing. Basically, 90% of the cast will be staying in the Best Western. Yea, you heard me right. For 3 weeks we will be staying at a Best Western....where we may or may not have a small fridge and microwave. It will definitely be an experience. The only good thing is a lot of the people in the cast have Toby will have lots of playmates while we are there.

Back to me missing LA.

LA is crazy. It has everything. Great food...crazy people....delicious frozen yogurt (see earlier post...)....and so many crazy ways to stay in shape.

I have never seen so many crazy workout programs. We already know that I did my stripper aerobics class...but every day I hear about a new program out there to keep you in shape. Here are just a few of them:
  • Spy School - At Spy School they teach you what would happen if you became a spy. Classes include how to take out an assailant, climb a building, rappel off a thirty foot cliff, belly dance (because I guess all spys belly dance) and much more. They say at the end of your 8 week class you will emerge with a "Bond-like" body. All of this can be yours for a small pricetag of amout $1500.
  • Trapeze School - Have you ever wanted to go on the flying trapeze? Well here in LA you can! There are actually several schools in the Los Angeles area that you can learn how to soar through the air.

  • Hoopnatica - Hoopnatica claims that you can get the best abs of your life by doing a workout based on a childhood toy. The hula hoop!
I mean...I think you get the pictures. Basically...if you ever get bored of the treadmill and free weights come to Los Angeles and you will never have a problem again being bored while working out.

This week we get to start packing up our stuff. It is pretty hard living out of a suitcase and we are not looking forward to putting all of our crap back in the car. We tried to consolidate and throw out as many things as we could....but we still have way too much stuff. As hard as we try...we keep accumulating more and more things. The next 9 days should be interesting...esp since we really have no more days off.

Since we are leaving on Friday they are squeezing every last performance out of the cast. We usually have at least Monday off...but they even have a show then! Not to mention 2 shows on Wednesday and 2 on Thursday. Oh...did I mention that the cast is in rehearsals all day this week from 12 - 5. I feel pretty bad for them. They are in rehearsals all day and then have a show at night. They are all extremely exhausted...and I am pretty sure the next official day off is not until Labor Day.

Well...I guess I should go work on that packing thing that I keep putting off.

Until next time....

(Toby pouting because he has to leave LA)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

(Jersey) Boyz in the Hood

I feel like in every movie you watch....if something "bad" is going on in the Los Angeles is happening on Crenshaw St.

I was reading online that some of the best bbq in LA was at this place called "Phillip's" on Crenshaw. I knew the second I read about the place I needed to go.

I will go anywhere for good food.

When I told Eric about the place...and where it was...he was not that pumped about going. THEN he read the reviews and agreed that we had to go.

Lets backtrack for just one second. I have to tell you how proud I am of my husband. When I met him he was just a pb&j/mac& cheese type of guy. Now...I really think I have turned him into a foodie. He is always willing to try stuff at least once....and he is more than happy to join me on all of my food quests. I think I was the most proud when he turned to me one day and said..."Can we get sushi tonight". Ahhh...the things that make me happy :)

ANYWAYS....back to the hood. We decided that we would try the bbq in between shows today.

So we get off the freeway and I immediately say...."I think it's right there". How did I know? Well there was a huge cloud of bbq smoke billowing out of the restaurant. We knew this was going to be good.

I had read online that the counter staff at this place could be compared to the Soup Nazi on Seinfield. In other better know what you want or they will yell at you. There is even a sign when you walk in on HOW to order....

I told Eric he was in charge of ordering...he was a bit nervous. We step up to the counter and give our order: "Rib tips & 1/2 chicken both with mixed sauce (combo of the mild and hot), baked beans & potato salad, some red velvet cake and a diet coke"...and breathe...

The lady turns to him and goes: Good Job

Eric: Thanks, this is our first time here...we wanted to order right

BBQ Lady: Child, that was perfect. There are people that have been coming here for the last 20 years that don't order as well as you do.


Then we wait....the smell is overpowering. It smells sooooo good! It seems like it took forever to get our eats.

While we waiting we did get to read nice signs like this (hope it is readable - sorry all the pics are kind of fuzzy we forgot my camera and had to take pics with erics phone):

Finally our number was called. The meal was soooo good. The sauce was out of this world. The ribs were so juicy and the chicken was cooked to perfection. I swear to you right mouth is watering just thinking about it. I am just sad that we did not also get the brisket...oh well..maybe we will just have to go back!

Oh...I didn't even mention my red velvet cake. I read somewhere that the red velvet cake is made by the owners grandma in her home kitchen. It was the best red velvet cake I have ever had. The cake was so moist and the frosting was amazing....only thing it was missing was a cup of milk.

Now...I am super excited for Texas. If the bbq in LA is this good....I can hardly imagine what I can find in Houston!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The War in Los Angeles

There is a war going on in Los Angeles.

Not a war that involves guns or knives....but one that involves yogurt.

Yup...frozen yogurt.

Of course I have had frozen yogurt before. Who doesn't have a TCBY in their neighborhood. But this my friends not the frozen yogurt you may be use to.

It all started with a place called Pinkberry.....or as many people call it "Crackberry"

So what is pinkberry? It is a frozen yogurt that tastes like yogurt (simple enough). The yogurt itself is tangy and stiff, without an strong artifical sweetner taste that many frozen yogurts have. Oh..did I mention it is non-fat? Pinkberry only has 2 flavors...original and green tea. You can pick from several different favorites are the fresh fruit ones (strawberry, mango and blueberry to be exact) but there are also dry toppings (cereals, yogurt chips, nuts).

Since Pinkberry opened there have been TONS of imitators in the Los Angeles area. I am not kidding when I say there is a war. Google "Yogurt Wars and Los Angeles" and you will get a ton of articles about the frozen yogurt frenzy that is happing in these parts. There is seriously a new fro-yo place popping up on every corner. Pinkberry opened in there are over 20 Pinkberry's in the Los Angeles area...and that does not include the hundreds of other "natural yogurt" stores that have cropped up since.

When I first got to LA I knew I had to try pinkberry. The first time Eric & I went we were ok. I enjoyed it...but I didn't think it was anything THAT special. Eric...did not like it at all.

Then...I kept wanting to go back!! I recently read an article that included a quote that totally sums up how we felt: "The first time you try it, you're like -- 'Eh,' and then you're like, 'Did I eat that whole thing?' And then the next day you are like, 'I could really go for a Pinkberry right now.' "

At first Eric would not even order one. Then...he kept eatting more and more bites of mine. Finally one day he turns to me and says...."ok...I like Pinkberry now".

Now he gets his own!

I am ashamed to tell you how often we eat frozen yogurt (or how much money we spend on it...pinkberry is not cheap!). Lets just say we found a pinkberry on the way to work....and this week...I have had a frozen yogurt every day on the way into the theatre.

We leave Los Angeles at the end of this month. It will be a sad sad day when I have to say goodbye to my dear Pinkberry.

I read an article that they are thinking about opening a store in San Diego...I just hope it opens by the time we get there!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My Aerobics Obsession....sorry dad!

I feel weird blogging about one of my favorite workouts that I have ever participated in.

Why? Well....I know that my dad .... and my grandma read my blog. But...being that I am getting close to 30 (shhhhh.....) I guess I can talk about whatever I want!

Anyways....a while ago I was watching Oprah and they had a segment on things to make a woman feel good about herself. One of the interviews was with a woman by the name of Sheila Kelly. She started a workout program called "S-Factor". I was so amazed by the segment and thought in the back of my head...I want to try this!!

When we got into Los Angeles I had totally forgot about that Oprah show. One day I was talking to my friends and she mentioned that she had to go to her class. I immediately remembered that segment and logged onto the website to see when the next session started.

I was in luck! A class was starting the next week!!!

So what is S-Factor? Basically...the workout is inspired by yoga, ballet, striptease and pole dancing. Yes Dad and Bubi...I said striptease and pole dancing. The class really stresses that women don't have to be afraid of their bodies or the way their bodies naturally want to move. No matter if you have a big butt or a stomach that is not so flat...every woman is sexy.

Their mission is:

· discover a new, fun way to get into shape

· empower ourselves with boosted confidence, self-esteem and positive body image

· create a global network of women who take healthy ownership of their sexuality, requiring their bodies to be respected and honored, rather than abused or exploited.

I never thought an aerobics class could be so empowering. It really has changed how I feel about myself as well as my overall body image. You leave class each week have a huge boost of confidence. Anyone that is around an S-Factor studio I really suggest you try it out. is a tad on the expensive side....but every week I could not wait to go to my 2 hour class....and every week when I walked out the door I was counting down the hours until I could walk into the studio again.

The classroom is unlike any aerobics mirrors....dark red lights...candles...and oh yea...stripper poles.

The first hour is a pilates/yoga inspired workout....but in a sassy way! The second hour is pole tricks (so fun!) and a dance that use in class each week.

Oh have to get a pair or stripper shoes. 6 inch heels baby.

Yes....those are my feet.

The workouts were hard! I woke up every week after class with my abs killing and my thighs sore. It wasn't all just fun...remember...this is an "aerobics" class.

Today was my last class. There are 6 levels in s-factor so if I was staying in Los Angeles I would be quickly signing up for level 2. Sadly...we leave L.A. at the end of this month and s-factor studios are only in certain cities.

I was really upset when driving home today. You really bond with everyone in your class and your instructor. It has been such a fabulous experience and I will truly miss it.

I am hoping when I am in Orange County I get there just at the right time to fit in an 8 week class.....crossing my fingers!!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

NFR (aka...not food related)

Okay...I need to talk about one of my other addictions.


I (of course) am obsessed with my fabulous dog Toby:

Eric and I got Toby when we were still living in Michigan. I was searching on one day and came across his adorable face. My friend Nicole was looking for a dog at the time and I sent her the link. She also thought he was adorable...but didn't think it was really the right time for a dog.

I could not get his face out of my head. I sent the link to Eric and we went back and forth discussing if it was the right time to bring a dog into our lives. Finally he said...just email the
people and see if he is still available.

Little did he know...I had already sent them an email.

Petfinder adoption people are very picky (and they should be...many of these dogs have gone through some very rough times). I never imagined that they would contact us. Before we knew it we had a CRAZY little guy in our house.

We are obsessed with Toby. He is very spoiled...he gets way too many toys...we talk about him all the time...we whip out our phones at moments notice to brag about his cute face...he gets pricey dog food....he basically rules our household.

I found some of the cutest pet boutiques in San Fran. Toby even got a nice new collar when we were there ( The place is adorable and has some of the cutest dog collars I have ever seen!

I am currently in the market for some bling for Toby. He needs a new dog tag as his name is almost completely scratched off his current tag.

what do you think?? (these are all from another super cute pet boutique in San Fran Osso & Co)

I think I am leaning twords the devil.

Anyways...back to my addiction. I really am addicted to all dogs. Every dog that I see on the street I have to point out. I randomly go on to find a playmate for Toby. AND....every day I check out

Toby makes us so happy. We feel lucky every day that he is on the road with us. makes traveling a little more difficult. But...coming home every day to his smiling face makes it all worthwhile.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I love good food

I love good food.

Good food is my vice. Some people buy a lot of shoes...or spend a ton of money on cars.

I have a spending problem when it comes to good eats.

Whenever we are in a new town I am scouring the papers, citysearch and my new favorite website Yelp for the best restaurants in town. Unique places that really have a personality are my favorite. I have already convinced Eric to take me to a certain restaurant when we are in Sacramento (yes...I research restaurants before we get into new towns).

This weekend I was in Huntington Beach visiting my friends. On Friday...a few of my girl friends went out to a FABULOUS breakfast/lunch.

My friend Kim (who loves food just about as much as I do) took us to this amazing place in San Juan Capistrano called: Ramos House.

I LOVE the idea behind the place. The owner of the restaurant (a hottie 30-something punk rocker type of guy) lives and works on the premisis. All of the herbs are grown in the garden overlooking the restaunt and the ice cream is turned out back.

The delicious menu changes daily and everything is made from scratch.

We all got something different so we could eat off each others plates. You have to love 4 chicks that don't care about how many carbs or how much cheese is on the plate. Everything was amazing...I cannot explain how delicious the food was.


My friend Lorelei and I love some good bloody mary's. Nothing beats drinking a spicy drink during a saturday morning football tailgate. We truely thought we had perfected our drink...and we are not scared to say we pride ourselves on making them for people ( took a while to figure out our perfect recipe).

Lorelei and I were put to SHAME at this restaurant. Can you say homemade picked green beans and a crab claw in the drink?? The picture does not do it justice!

Eric is on as a lead for the 2 shows I am off to sell some t-shirts and then watch the show.

Have a good sunday!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

I caved....

I love reading blogs.

I have about 20+ blogs on my google reader.

I always have people telling my I should start my own. I have to be honest...I am a bit nervous about it. I don't think I am the best writer...I use to be....but somewhere between college and corporate america I lost my flare for creative writing.

ANYWAYS...I was at lunch this weekend with my friends Kim, Lorelei & Nicole and we were talking about how I have an addiction to researching things. Every new town I am in I try to find the best food, attractions, hotels, frozen yogurt, dog get the drift...and they made me realize that I have to share my problem with other people.

Thus...the new blog was started!!

I think mostly everyone that would read this knows my back round...but let me just give you the short story to catch you up.

I was working as a marketing manager in the International department at DaimlerChrysler. I HATED my job. HATED IT. I was very extremely unhappy there. It just was not the place for me. Unfortunately...I had a mortgage, a car payment and I just could not quit. One day my very talented husband (at that time fiancee) was cast in a little show called "Jersey Boys".

And from there the craziness began....

I quit my job and we went on the road. We were in New York for a month...from there we packed up the car and I drove cross country with my friend Liz to our new home in San Francisco (where we stayed for 6 mths) and now Eric and I (and our adorable dog Toby) are currently in Los Angeles.

...oh yea....and somewhere along the way we were also planning a wedding then getting married.

Next month the "real tour" starts. By real tour I mean we spend 3 - 5 weeks in each out of a dinners on our hotplate...and finding stuff to write about along the way!

Well...I am in the green room at the theatre and the show is about to end. So...I guess that is it for now.

Until next time......