Thursday, February 21, 2008

One more thing....

I know it is just a marketing thing...but I think its funny.

Our family likes to dance!

Don't send a lame eCard. Try JibJab Sendables!

Where is the power button on this phone?

I loathe talking on the phone.

I remember where I was in high school and all I wanted for my birthday was my own private line. I begged and pleaded for my very own line. When I finally got it .... I thought I was super cool. I mean come on...I had my own personal phone number. I got a totally awesome phone + answering machine and it was all mine. I would record a new answering machine message like every other day. I swear from the time I got home to the time I went to bed I was talking on that frickin phone.

Then everything changed.

The job I had out of college was working customer service for a car company. In theory it was great. The company titled it as a "training" period and the best way to be trained (in their eyes) was to be completely immersed in the product. The paid you a lot of money and since this was basically training, the customer service center was full of recently graduated college kids eager to advance in their careers. You did not take your work home with you. It was just a 8 hour shift of answering phones, email and letters. After work it was just a bunch of kids waiting to blow off the frustration of getting yelled at on the phone 8 hours a date. After work was a lot of fun.

During work...was hell on earth.

For 8 hours a day I was constantly screamed at. I have never been called so many fowl names in my entire life. Sweet old men would resort to nice phrases like: "Your a dumb son of a bitch and a whore too" (And that was the nice guy!). Awww....doesn't it just warm your heart? The first few months I was shocked that America had such a dirty vocabulary. My virgin ears would be tarnished for life. When someone called with a positive thing to say I honestly would not even know how to answer the call. I was so used to being yelled at....

After finally getting out of the dreaded call center I went out into the field and became a District Manager. This meant that instead of having customers call me all day on a hardline phone, I now had car dealers calling me all day on my cell phone. And if they were not calling me....I was calling them begging for something.

As time went on my love affair with the telephone began to drift away. The second I got home from work the last thing I wanted to do was be anywhere close to that phone. Still to this day I hate talking on the phone. After several years of bad phone experience all I relate to having that thing next to my ear is negative.

I used to be a great phone person..talking for hours just chit chatting with friends. Now...I cant really remember the last time I had a conversation on the phone that lasted more than 10 minutes. I will be the first to admit I am very short and to the point on the phone. I know some people think I am being rude...but I honestly do not even realize I am doing it. Bottomline...I hate the phone. Good thing Eric and I see each other in person every day!

Here is the Good News:

I am an IM addict!

And text messages? I am a whiz at T9.

So...moral of the story...If you IM me....or text me...I promise you will have a much better conversation!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!!!

I am not a huge fan of Valentines Day. I just feel like it is a holiday created just so Hallmark can make money. But on the flip side ... who doesn't like to get a nice card or flowers? I will take those any day of the week!

Today was my second day as a working woman. I am still trying to get adjusted to waking up early. Since Eric works until about 11pm, most nights we are up until 2am and then sleep until 10ish. Ah the life of an actors wife! Now that I am a working girl I have to get back on the "normal people" schedule. I have to be at work around 8:30 so I am definitely getting up much earlier than normal. I woke up to a nice card waiting for me on the table this morning. It was a nice way to start the day.

So I hopped on the bus and headed off to work....

Today I felt like I gained 20 pounds. I walk in to work and there are some random truffles on my desk, then someone brought me a cappuccino (with whole milk I assume), then the salon had set out fancy chocolates for the guests and of course I had to try one, then someone dropped off a slice of the famous NYC Juniors Cheesecake. I mean it is famous...and I had never had any...I needed to at least try it...right???

THEN I get a special delivary. A nice box from my sweet husband. Some delicous chocolate covered strawberries
So...obviously today was a very chocolate....pound packing! Ah well...tomorrow I am working out so maybe I will burn off a strawberry or two.

If you did not of my favorite things is goat cheese. I love it. I could eat it in everything! So, I got home from work today and I walk in to see candles lit in our apartment and Eric in the kitchen cooking.

It was very very cute. He had made an amazing goat cheese linguine with roasted chicken and asparagus. He had slaved over the stove for several hours and it all turned out AMAZING!. I must is very nice to come home to dinner on the table! I could definitely get used to this kind of treatment!
So now I am just relaxing on the couch with the dog and an extremely full stomach.

All in all...even though I hate valentines day...this one turned out great. A ton of chocolate....a nice card....dinner on the table when I get home? Who could ask for anything more!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Matchmaking....New Career Choice???

Who knew little ol' me could be such a good matchmaker.

Sometimes you just KNOW things will work out. You just get a feeling that you need to make something happen. I got this feeling over 2 years ago with my friend Lorelei. Lorelei and I met when we both worked for Chrysler. Over the years we have grown closer and I feel very lucky to have met her. We share many of the same interests and although I HATED my job at Chrysler I do feel like it added many great things to my of those being the friendship with Lorelei. We traveled to Spain one year for New Years, she opened her home to me while I was being transfered for work, spent many nights boozing it up and getting taco bell and she was there when I married Eric on the Beach.
At a wedding in the single days

New Years in Spain

Martinis in Traverse City

Tailgating at Michigan State

In Florida

Lets back up for a second. My friend Liz has a brother named Seth. I have know their family since I was elementary school. They are one of the best families around and every time I am over at their home or going out to dinner with them they just make you feel like a member of the (already huge) family. Seth is an amazing person.....

Over 2 years ago when Seth & Lorelei were both single I just KNEW that they would be perfect together. I don't know why...I just had this "feeling". I bugged my friend Liz everyday to have her brother call Lorelei. I think this went on for over a month. Finally Liz relayed the message and Seth gave her a call.

I guess after that the rest is history. They just clicked!

Last week, Seth got down on one knee and asked Lorelei to marry him.

I was so ecstatic to hear the great news. They make an amazing couple and it is all due to me...just kidding :) But in all seriousness I have known Seth's family for so long...It almost seems like Lorelei is marrying into my family! I am so excited for them. When she called to tell me the amazing news I started crying...just because I knew they were perfect for one another and their relationship was just ment to be.

Lorelei...I am so happy for you guys. I guess the amazing memories of drunk nights at the fever and century club at your pad are behind us. But, I know there are many more great memories to come!

Congrats you guys. I am so excited for you both and I know you will live a long happy life together!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Stop Biting!!!

For as long as I can remember I have been biting my nails. It is a gross habit I will be the first person to admit that. I have tried EVERYTHING to stop biting.

That gross nail polish with the aftertaste....bit through it

Tobasco on the nails...not a deterrent

Fake Nails...bit them too

For my 18th birthday I even asked for an appointment to get hypnosis to stop...we were never able to find someone.

To make matters worse. I have very short, stumpy fingers. In college my roommates used to refer to them as "cocktail weiners". So..I need the long nails to make my fingers look a bit more presentable.

In college I got into the fake acyrilc nails to help my hands look not so gross. Basically I paid the big bucks every 2 weeks and then quickly after getting them done I would bite them until they looked HORRIBLE. Since I bit them...I also had to deal with going into the nail place every 2 weeks and being ridiculed by the nail ladies. Yes...I know my nails look bad...please do not gather in a circle around me and laugh and point. I even had one lady tell me she was going to bring me in some cheerios so I could chew on them instead of chewing on my nails.

So from college up until now I have been spending between $25 - $60 every 2 weeks to get my nails done. Thats a lot of dough. I could have bought a ton of things with all that extra cash. Biting your nails is a gross habit I know that. It makes your hands look gross and it is not very lady like to walk around with your hands in your mouth.

Now we are in New York. Surprisingly there are not many places to get fake nails. There are about a million nail places on every block...but most of them only do natural nails (aka manicure /pedicure). So...I have decided that my resolution this year is to drop spending all that money on fake nails that I bite off and let my real nails breathe.

So far it has been about a month. I am getting better about not biting my nails but it is hard! I mean I have had this nasty habit my whole life!!! I am trying to get weekly manicures to help them look good and to maybe help me not bite them. Slowly but surely they are growing. Sadly I did some damage to my nails with all the years of acrylics....but they are getting better by the day.

Check it out...I actually have semi-proper looking nails...
If you ever see me biting my nails I give you full permission to slap me!