Monday, August 13, 2007

NFR (aka...not food related)

Okay...I need to talk about one of my other addictions.


I (of course) am obsessed with my fabulous dog Toby:

Eric and I got Toby when we were still living in Michigan. I was searching on one day and came across his adorable face. My friend Nicole was looking for a dog at the time and I sent her the link. She also thought he was adorable...but didn't think it was really the right time for a dog.

I could not get his face out of my head. I sent the link to Eric and we went back and forth discussing if it was the right time to bring a dog into our lives. Finally he said...just email the
people and see if he is still available.

Little did he know...I had already sent them an email.

Petfinder adoption people are very picky (and they should be...many of these dogs have gone through some very rough times). I never imagined that they would contact us. Before we knew it we had a CRAZY little guy in our house.

We are obsessed with Toby. He is very spoiled...he gets way too many toys...we talk about him all the time...we whip out our phones at moments notice to brag about his cute face...he gets pricey dog food....he basically rules our household.

I found some of the cutest pet boutiques in San Fran. Toby even got a nice new collar when we were there ( The place is adorable and has some of the cutest dog collars I have ever seen!

I am currently in the market for some bling for Toby. He needs a new dog tag as his name is almost completely scratched off his current tag.

what do you think?? (these are all from another super cute pet boutique in San Fran Osso & Co)

I think I am leaning twords the devil.

Anyways...back to my addiction. I really am addicted to all dogs. Every dog that I see on the street I have to point out. I randomly go on to find a playmate for Toby. AND....every day I check out

Toby makes us so happy. We feel lucky every day that he is on the road with us. makes traveling a little more difficult. But...coming home every day to his smiling face makes it all worthwhile.


Nikki said...

ha, that first tag reminds me of when we were thinking of names for your first dog. I'm pretty sure Toby's name was almost Moishe Goldstein (or something like that). Then you would have HAD to get the first dog tag......I guess Toby is a better name.....

Courtney said...

Dogs rule! I love having a dog as my child!

Stephanie said...

I have the same addiction!!

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure it was going to be Ira......