Thursday, September 3, 2009

A day in the flowers....

Eric gets ONE day off from the show a week. So when Monday comes around we try to savor it and do something special. Most days we get lazy and even though we have good intentions we never seem to do anything "exciting". This past Monday we decided to seize the day and actually DO something.

I had heard nothing but wonderful things about the Chicago Botanic Gardens so off we went! Luckily we had a pretty traffic free drive on the way there (you never can tell with this crazy Chicago traffic).

After paying $20 for parking (ugh) we set off to explore.

The botanic gardens consist of approx. 25+ separate gardens all with an individual theme. Japanese, fruit, sensory, waterfall...the list goes on and on. The place was huge and every garden was BEAUTIFUL and perfect. I can't even imagine how much WORK goes into the upkeep of this place. I would have loved to have this place when I was pregnant! Instead of going walking in the mall and spending money....I could have walked around the beautiful flowers. MUCH less expensive!

Riley had a great day. She loved feeling the various flowers and seeing all the pretty colors. She NEVER sleeps in her stroller and by the end of the day she was passed out.