Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I never thought I would say this....

But I am going to miss Los Angeles.

I was loathing coming to LA. I thought that I was going to HATE it.

But to be honest...I am going to really miss this crazy town.

First of all....Toby the dog loves it here. He has a nice backyard to hang out in and a dog park just down the street. He is so happy when he can just hang out in the sun all day.

The next city we are going to is Sacramento. We did not have time to find alternate housing so this will be our first experience with company housing. Basically, 90% of the cast will be staying in the Best Western. Yea, you heard me right. For 3 weeks we will be staying at a Best Western....where we may or may not have a small fridge and microwave. It will definitely be an experience. The only good thing is a lot of the people in the cast have Toby will have lots of playmates while we are there.

Back to me missing LA.

LA is crazy. It has everything. Great food...crazy people....delicious frozen yogurt (see earlier post...)....and so many crazy ways to stay in shape.

I have never seen so many crazy workout programs. We already know that I did my stripper aerobics class...but every day I hear about a new program out there to keep you in shape. Here are just a few of them:
  • Spy School - At Spy School they teach you what would happen if you became a spy. Classes include how to take out an assailant, climb a building, rappel off a thirty foot cliff, belly dance (because I guess all spys belly dance) and much more. They say at the end of your 8 week class you will emerge with a "Bond-like" body. All of this can be yours for a small pricetag of amout $1500.
  • Trapeze School - Have you ever wanted to go on the flying trapeze? Well here in LA you can! There are actually several schools in the Los Angeles area that you can learn how to soar through the air.

  • Hoopnatica - Hoopnatica claims that you can get the best abs of your life by doing a workout based on a childhood toy. The hula hoop!
I mean...I think you get the pictures. Basically...if you ever get bored of the treadmill and free weights come to Los Angeles and you will never have a problem again being bored while working out.

This week we get to start packing up our stuff. It is pretty hard living out of a suitcase and we are not looking forward to putting all of our crap back in the car. We tried to consolidate and throw out as many things as we could....but we still have way too much stuff. As hard as we try...we keep accumulating more and more things. The next 9 days should be interesting...esp since we really have no more days off.

Since we are leaving on Friday they are squeezing every last performance out of the cast. We usually have at least Monday off...but they even have a show then! Not to mention 2 shows on Wednesday and 2 on Thursday. Oh...did I mention that the cast is in rehearsals all day this week from 12 - 5. I feel pretty bad for them. They are in rehearsals all day and then have a show at night. They are all extremely exhausted...and I am pretty sure the next official day off is not until Labor Day.

Well...I guess I should go work on that packing thing that I keep putting off.

Until next time....

(Toby pouting because he has to leave LA)


RACHEL said...

They need to get some of those fun workout programs a little farther down the coast. I want to take stripper aerobics!

I can't speak for Sacremento, but I think you guys are going to love San Diego and I can't wait until you get down here!

Courtney said...

Toby looks so happy in the pool!

Stacy Chaps said...

Pleassseee try Spy School! I need to live through you and I think that would make for some great stories ;) Bye la la land!

Rhonda said...

Wow...I didn't know there were so many different types of work out programs. aren't going to find that in Sacramento and if you do definately let me know where!

See ya soon!

Anonymous said...


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