Saturday, November 24, 2007


I seriously feel like I am on vacation.

So...after San Diego we headed a bit north and settled in the O.C. (thats Orange County for you non MTV or Fox TV watchers). I have a very kind family member that was nice enough to let Eric and I stay at their swanky beach house for the time the show is in Costa Mesa.

We did not even know what we were in store for. The house is amazing with a fabulous kitchen and a housekeeper that comes once a week! And the view...I mean...I am never going to want to leave. Our front porch overlooks the ocean and on clear days you can see Catalina in the distance.

Not too shabby eh? We can take a golf cart down to our private beach everyday. We are really being be honest it is a bit ridiculous. But...we are savoring every second of it and will be really sad to pack up and leave in less than 10 days.

So what have we been up to? The first weekend we were here some of my friends from Michigan came out to visit. It was so nice to see my friends since I had not seen them since our wedding. It was a pretty relaxed weekend. Just some hot chicks playing lots euchre and catch phrase (I know...pretty crazy!!!).

Friday we headed out to this fabulous fondue restaurant in San Juan Capistrano called La Fondue. It was amazing. I know, fondue is fondue right? Wrong! First of all the place was decorated it a super cool hip way. Every area of the restaurant was different. Leopard print wall here, praying guy there, velvet booth over there...we loved it. The food was amazing. They had so many crazy choices of meets with your main course we did not know where to start...and the chocolate...oh the chocolate. I have been to many fondue places before...but this place had peanut butter and cream cheese balls to dip in the chocolate ... it was out of control. So now you are probably wondering: Hey Sarah, so this place sounds really cool...where are all the fun pictures of you and your friends eating fondue? I bet those would be some great pics!

Well...yes...they would be great pictures I am sure of it...sadly...out of the 4 of us...we all forgot our cameras. Sad but I guess you will just have to imagine 4 hot ladies dressed to the nines....out on the town.

Saturday they came and saw the show and of course loved it....

Sunday we met up with some of my friends in Newport Beach for football Sunday. I felt like we were back in college. We spent at least 5 hours in the bar (while Eric was off at work) watching various football games and eating crappy food.

Of course the day had to end on a high note when I got a parking I really felt like I was back in college (remind me later to tell you the story of how I had so many parking tickets in college that there was a warrant out for my story...please note the sarcasm).

Sadly on Monday my friends had to leave the beautiful state of California and head back to the snowy state of Michigan. Thanks for coming out ladies....I miss you already!!!

So I guess that takes us up to this week. Thanksgiving and my hubbies birthday.

So...Thanksgiving. It was a special thanksgiving this year. We had a freaking show. The company was nice enough to give us a thanksgiving dinner before the show. It was a nice thought but it was a sad example of a thanksgiving dinner. It was at a it was hotel food. In the back of my head all I could think about was the humongous feast that my dad was serving back home. Eric and I both love thanksgiving and were both kind of sad that we were not spending it at home with our families.

BUT! Everything was redeemed the following day.

Friday (the day after thanksgiving) was Eric's big 30th birthday. My friend Kim and her husband Vipe (they live in the area) were kind enough to prepare us a REAL thanksgiving dinner for lunch. Eric and I thought we were just getting leftovers. Instead...Kim prepared us a full meal. She cooked a turkey, made yams, mashed potatoes, green beans, stuffing..the whole sha-bang. It was out of control and exactly what we needed. We stuffed our faces until we could eat no more! We were so thankful for Kim and it totally made Erics birthday.

After the HUGE meal we all walked down to the beach with our respective dogs and let them frollic in the ocean before treking back home.

Once home we brought out the birthday cake. Since Eric was getting costco cake (his favorite) at the theatre I decided to make him something different. A few days ago my friend Emily posted a fabulous pumpkin cheesecake recipe. It looked declious and I thought now was a perfect time for me to make my first cheesecake. I was super nervous about it...but I gotta tell you it turned out great!
So...I guess that catches you up on us! I have many a new merchandise stories for hopefully I will get back on the blog bandwagon.

Finally...I just want to once again wish my handsome husband a very happy 30th birthday!

Happy Birthday Eric!!

You mean the world to me and I feel so lucky to have you in my life! I look forward to celebrating many more birthdays in the future with you! I Love you!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I have been a bad blogger...lets catch you up!

I have been a bad little blogger. No updates in over a month?? I have no excuses. Lets catch you up and finish up San Diego.

SO....our last few weeks in San Diego were pretty uneventful. The smoke and ash in the air from the fire really hit me hard and I was sick for about 10 days strait. In the mist of all the yucky coughing we were still able to do some fun things.

We had a show on Halloween. But after the show the company threw a Halloween party. I love halloween. It is one of my favorite holidays. I just love the smell of all the pumpkins burning on peoples porches, making sweets that have pumpkin things in them, all the great candy and of course dressing my dog up in a costume. Yes...I am one of those people. We dress Toby up as a chicken ... he stayed in his costume just long enough for me to take a picture of him. He was not happy with us.

Toby's Best Friend Fendor as a Monkey!

The cast Halloween Party was a lot of fun. I was (slutty) Harry Potter and Eric was actually another guy in the cast. Funny story...Eric planned on dressing up as one of the other cast members...when he heard about this (someone ratted Eric out) he ended up dressing up like Eric. It was all very confusing and funny.
The minority Harry Potters

I am confused...which one is my husband?

Before we left San Diego we had to go to the Zoo. Ever since I have been a little kid I am heard what an amazing place the San Diego zoo was. We were lucky enough to get free tix to the zoo (that place is much more expensive then my good ol' hometown Detroit Zoo). Eric and I woke up early and headed over to the Zoo as we heard the best time to go was in the morning. Almost every animal was out an walking around. That zoo is a workout in itself! Every route is filled with hills! We had a lot of fun and it was nice to just hold hands and walk around the zoo together.

Yes...Eric found it absolutely necessary to take a picture of a monkey scratching it's butt

We were very sad to pack up and leave San Diego. I think its the first real city that we will actually miss. It was really amazing to see the city come together during the fires. The city actually seemed like one big family.

We had a great time in San Diego and Toby was so happy with his best friend Fender....they were very sad when we were packing up....

So now we are in Orange County. I promise I will post again very soon and update you all on our new digs!