Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My Aerobics Obsession....sorry dad!

I feel weird blogging about one of my favorite workouts that I have ever participated in.

Why? Well....I know that my dad .... and my grandma read my blog. But...being that I am getting close to 30 (shhhhh.....) I guess I can talk about whatever I want!

Anyways....a while ago I was watching Oprah and they had a segment on things to make a woman feel good about herself. One of the interviews was with a woman by the name of Sheila Kelly. She started a workout program called "S-Factor". I was so amazed by the segment and thought in the back of my head...I want to try this!!

When we got into Los Angeles I had totally forgot about that Oprah show. One day I was talking to my friends and she mentioned that she had to go to her class. I immediately remembered that segment and logged onto the website to see when the next session started.

I was in luck! A class was starting the next week!!!

So what is S-Factor? Basically...the workout is inspired by yoga, ballet, striptease and pole dancing. Yes Dad and Bubi...I said striptease and pole dancing. The class really stresses that women don't have to be afraid of their bodies or the way their bodies naturally want to move. No matter if you have a big butt or a stomach that is not so flat...every woman is sexy.

Their mission is:

· discover a new, fun way to get into shape

· empower ourselves with boosted confidence, self-esteem and positive body image

· create a global network of women who take healthy ownership of their sexuality, requiring their bodies to be respected and honored, rather than abused or exploited.

I never thought an aerobics class could be so empowering. It really has changed how I feel about myself as well as my overall body image. You leave class each week have a huge boost of confidence. Anyone that is around an S-Factor studio I really suggest you try it out. Yes...it is a tad on the expensive side....but every week I could not wait to go to my 2 hour class....and every week when I walked out the door I was counting down the hours until I could walk into the studio again.

The classroom is unlike any aerobics studio...no mirrors....dark red lights...candles...and oh yea...stripper poles.

The first hour is a pilates/yoga inspired workout....but in a sassy way! The second hour is pole tricks (so fun!) and a dance that use in class each week.

Oh yeah...you have to get a pair or stripper shoes. 6 inch heels baby.

Yes....those are my feet.

The workouts were hard! I woke up every week after class with my abs killing and my thighs sore. It wasn't all just fun...remember...this is an "aerobics" class.

Today was my last class. There are 6 levels in s-factor so if I was staying in Los Angeles I would be quickly signing up for level 2. Sadly...we leave L.A. at the end of this month and s-factor studios are only in certain cities.

I was really upset when driving home today. You really bond with everyone in your class and your instructor. It has been such a fabulous experience and I will truly miss it.

I am hoping when I am in Orange County I get there just at the right time to fit in an 8 week class.....crossing my fingers!!!!


Cheri said...

Glad the work outs were so great and I vote for the "devil" bling for Toby!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah - I just finished reading your latest blog - Don't worry you can't shock me - what you do behind closed doors is your business - as long as you aren't stripping in public or pole dancing on stage it will be fun - who knows
you might get a pole for home & entertain Eric - See I'm modern!!!
Love you both,

Anonymous said...

welll my daughter.. seems you are "more" grown up than I think some times..... but whatever it takes to stay in shape and have a positive attitude about yoruself is a good thing...
hey,,, you should have seem me when i did all those step classes in the old days.. I was the only guy in class,, and everyone always waited for me to fall off the step,, and I always did,,,, keep up the writings,,,,, you are good