Saturday, August 11, 2007

I caved....

I love reading blogs.

I have about 20+ blogs on my google reader.

I always have people telling my I should start my own. I have to be honest...I am a bit nervous about it. I don't think I am the best writer...I use to be....but somewhere between college and corporate america I lost my flare for creative writing.

ANYWAYS...I was at lunch this weekend with my friends Kim, Lorelei & Nicole and we were talking about how I have an addiction to researching things. Every new town I am in I try to find the best food, attractions, hotels, frozen yogurt, dog get the drift...and they made me realize that I have to share my problem with other people.

Thus...the new blog was started!!

I think mostly everyone that would read this knows my back round...but let me just give you the short story to catch you up.

I was working as a marketing manager in the International department at DaimlerChrysler. I HATED my job. HATED IT. I was very extremely unhappy there. It just was not the place for me. Unfortunately...I had a mortgage, a car payment and I just could not quit. One day my very talented husband (at that time fiancee) was cast in a little show called "Jersey Boys".

And from there the craziness began....

I quit my job and we went on the road. We were in New York for a month...from there we packed up the car and I drove cross country with my friend Liz to our new home in San Francisco (where we stayed for 6 mths) and now Eric and I (and our adorable dog Toby) are currently in Los Angeles.

...oh yea....and somewhere along the way we were also planning a wedding then getting married.

Next month the "real tour" starts. By real tour I mean we spend 3 - 5 weeks in each out of a dinners on our hotplate...and finding stuff to write about along the way!

Well...I am in the green room at the theatre and the show is about to end. So...I guess that is it for now.

Until next time......


Cheri said...

Dear Sarah,
It was so great to read all about your new adventures on the road! It is so fantastic to see all of the great places you are visiting and eating at! The best is I get to learn about you and your adventures.
With Love,
Yours, Cheri

Nikki said...

you know what???? This IS a great idea. You have the smartest friends, I swear!!! I like it because if I do not spend all week at home working I dont get to talk to you! So now I can read what you are doing. And everybody in SO CAL should look at your blog to find the best places to eat. There should be a profession dedicated to it. Not a food critic, just a good food finder.

Amanda said...

So glad I can hear all the stories now!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah - your Dad called me this morning to let me know about your new blog - Now I can learn about your life on the road from both sides - Eric the Actor & you the Actor's Wife - It should be fun following your journey across America - by the time you are finished you should be able to write a book about the best foods, drinks, etc in all the cities that you will be traveling to - you haven't lost your flair for writing you do a great job
Love you both,

Anonymous said...