Saturday, September 1, 2007

Home sweet home?

Well...we are here.

Our new home at the Best Western in Sacramento.

We got a late start on Friday as our usual trusty alarm failed to go off. I guess even the alarm did not want to go to Sacramento. We packed up the car (in the already 90 degree weather) and started our drive north.

The drive went pretty fast. We hit no traffic and only made a stop to eat lunch (In-N-Out of course) and to let Toby pee a few times.

Before we knew it we were pulling into the California state capital.

So our new digs...the Best Western. It's a Best Western. We do have a lovely "pool view" room that allows us to be woken up pretty early in the morning by little kids yelling and smacking those noodle toys in the thats fun. It is certainly going to be a tight fit over the next 3 weeks. I am trying to make it as "homey" as possible...but there is just so much you can do with a small hotel room

Surprisingly...the bed is very comfortable. It has a nice down comforter and is a nice bed! Who knew the best western had nice beds!

I am not sure about the area yet. Sacramento has a ton of one way streets that are pretty annoying. I am not sure what kind of area we are in...if you walk in one direction there are cute little houses and nice tree covered streets...the other direction...not the best area. We are still trying to figure out what is around us and what there is to eat!!

Today Toby and I walked to meet Eric for dinner ... I guess I took the route through crack town (although it seemed like Beverly Hills compared to the area around the theatre in San Francisco). Toby met a new friend during our walk ...a nice homeless man that was wearing huge stuffed Tiger slippers (by the way it was his feet must have been pretty hot!). Toby thought the slippers were a toy and tried to play with the tigers. Oh the adventures of walking a dog in downtown Sac.

This week should be pretty exciting for me. Eric has rehearsal every day (except Labor Day) from 1 - 11:30pm. I can only go to the mall so many times...

I hope I can find a yoga studio or something. I have already scouted out a yogurt place that is supposed to be comparable to that is on the agenda. Other than that...hanging out with Toby and trying not to get overheated in the 100+ degree weather.

If anyone has any Sacramento recommendations please let me know (I am looking at you Rhonda...)


Amanda said...

Have fun & hang in there for a month!

Rhonda said...

Yay're here! I wish I could give you a list of exciting places to see and things to do....but this is Sacramento, boring! I asked DH what he would recommend to someone visiting and he only came up with what I already thought of....Old Sacramento. I love it there. You can take a little cruise of the river on the Spirit of Sacramento, visit the railroad museum or just hang out doing some shopping.

What mall have you been visiting? Downtown Plaza or Arden Fair?

If I think of anything else exciting for you to do I will most definately let you know!!

Camlin said...

Thanks for writing this.