Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Bored Bored Bored

I have been a bad blogger!! is hard to blog when you don't have much to write about!!

As you know we are in Sacramento...

I really do not mean to be down on this city but so far it is no fun. I am pretty bored already and we have only been here for like 6 days!!

I must give a special Thank You to Jaime who was so nice to send me a long list of places to eat in the city. That was amazing and I really appreciate it!

Eric is in rehearsals every day until 11:30pm at night. Toby and I try to make the most of the day but to be honest I am running out of things to do!

Today I went to the mall with a few friends...I mean...I can always find something to buy at the mall right? WRONG! It was a craptastic (yes I used the word craptastic) mall...and we went to the "good" mall in town!

We joined the gym again yesterday so that may help my boredom out a little. Plus I need to get back into shape. After the wedding I just kinda started eatting crappy and not working out. I must get back on some kind of program. Oh how I miss you S-Factor! Yes, I have actually found some delish stuff in this town.

Today my friend Michelle and I went to a pie place that we have been hearing so much about. The Real Pie Company is just around the block from the hotel (very dangerous!). They use all local ingrediants from local farmers and everything is made from scratch.

Michelle got the Nectarine-Blackberry pie and I got the Jumbleberry pie (blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and cherries). Let me just tell you these were some of the most amazing pies I have ever had in my life! They were out of control and you could taste how fresh the ingredients were.

I had also read online how fabulous their chicken pot pies were...but apparently they are pretty impossible to get as they sell out so quick. We got there at 10am (when they open) and they did not have any. I asked if I could put in an order for tomorrow and I was quickly told that they are sold out for a week! Thats how many orders they had!!! SO...of course I now have an order for 2 chicken pot pies for next week Wednesday...I am counting the days.

What else did I find? Well we all know I am addicted to frozen yogurt. Much to my surprise a "Natural Frozen Yogurt" shop had recently opened in Sacramento.

Mochii yogurt is pretty delicious. It has that yummy natural yogurt taste that I became addicted to in Los Angeles. Pinkberry is still my ultimate favorite...but this place will feed my cravings while I am here.

I am hoping once Eric is done with rehearsals things will get better. Maybe we can explore the city a little more and I can begin to appreciate it. Who knows...right now all I am doing is counting the days until we make the drive to Tempe.


Stacy Chaps said...

That must be some darn EXCITING chicken pot pie!!! Can't wait to hear about it! There better be an update next Thursday (it is one of my favorite things :)

Rhonda said...

Sorry you aren't enjoying our town. I guarantee you if you had come here BEFORE LA it might not be as boring as it is for you now. We are a small city....used to be referred to as a cowtown.

What mall did you go to...since it is supposed to be the best I am curious?

Colts Biggest Fan - Marcie Muensterbee said...

I'm so sorry you are bored. I cannot imagine moving around like that!! :) One move is going to be enough for me, I fear. :)

MrsPresley said...

My friend emailed me again after sending me that list of eats that I forwarded to you.... this is what the 2nd email said:

"Ya got me thinking a bit…Probably the best thing to do in sac is to get out of sac…The coast isn’t far… Bodega Bay … anywhere north of SF.
PLUS… the mountains aren’t far… go to the Sierra. Or… go wine tasting in Napa, they have all kinds of great little shops and cute lil’ towns."

If you do go to Napa, you have to visit my favorite chocolate shop that I mentioned in my blog! :)