Monday, September 24, 2007

Road tripping....

Early sunday morning (after 2 shows on saturday) we packed up the car and started our drive to Scottsdale, AZ.

We have so much crap!!! Since we have our car I think we overpacked just a bit. Every time we pack up the car we say to each other ... we must thin out our stuff...and we never do. To give you a visual of what our life stuffed into a car looks like:

That colored pillow is Toby's bed...or his "home" while we are road tripping. So as you can see...our life fits pretty tightly into a Jeep grand Cherokee.

Not much scenery to tell you about. It took us about 12 hours to get from Sacramento to Scottsdale. It probably would have been a bit shorter but I was on my last day of my isagenix cleanse and was drinking a lot of water (therefore...having to make a ton of pee breaks). So I guess I could tell you all about the nasty bathrooms that I had to make pit stops in...but who wants to hear about those. Blah.

Instead I will entertain you with pictures of how Toby enjoyed his trip.

Toby loves the car. Toby loves the car so much that he usual jumps all around and gets super crazy. Eric & I were pleasantly surprised this car ride when Toby chilled in the back seat on his bed or calmly sat on our laps in the front.

This is a picture journey of how Toby spent the car ride:

Toby with his head out the window

One of Toby's favorite thing to do the car is to lay down and smell the air conditioning. He is a beagle for sure! Loves to smell everything!!

Toby laying on his bed in the back seat.

Just sitting...watching the sites go by....

Now we are in Scottsdale. It is great here. The condo we are renting is perfect...everything is just around the corner...and there is a dog park right across the street. We spent today unpacking and filling the refrigerator with groceries. Eric does not have a show until Thursday so the next couple days will just be nice and relaxing.


Amanda said...

Love the Toby pics!

Stacy said...

I hope you like your new "home." Toby is so cute all packed in back there! What a good boy!

Just Another Small Town Girl said...

Toby is adorable!!! Love those pics =)

Christy said...

Cute Toby!
Enjoy your stay in AZ!

Courtney said...

OMG he reminds me of Riley. Riley loves the airconditioning too. His ears flapping in the breeze...
What a cutie