Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My heart hurts...

I am a food network addict.

I swear the food network is always on the tv. When we leave the house/apartment/hotel room and Toby has to be home alone...we always leave the food network on for him so he has something to listen to.

One of the shows that Eric & I really enjoy is the show "Diners, Drive-In's and Dives" (or DDD's as it is also called). Basically this dude goes around the country and checks out all these local dives that have the yummiest (and greasiest) food.

When I found out one of these places was in Sacramento I knew that we had to make a visit. My friend Liz was in town for a quick visit and I new this was the perfect opportunity for a little burger lunch!

The Squeeze Inn is a tiny hole in the wall shack like building. They only have 10 bar stools at a counter and I think a picnic table or 2 out back.

They are known for their burgers. All of their stuff says "The Best Burgers in Town". Usually when you hear restaurants or stores make that claim you just brush it off. How many times have you seen something like: "Best Coffee in America". Well...I think this place was not just making a claim...these really were the best burgers in town!

I think we got very lucky when we made out way down to the Squeeze Inn. Every review I read spoke of people having to wait in an hour in a line out the door just to sit down at one of the stools. When we walked in there was no wait...just 3 stools sitting there beckoning us to sit down.

Oh the benefits of being married to an actor...you can always eat lunch at "off times"

ANYWAYS...back to the burger. We all ordered a "squeeze burger" with cheese. The cheese is the whole reason for getting a burger from the Squeeze Inn, not that bland American cheese, but cheddar...real good delicious greasy heart clogging cheddar. They put the cheese on the burger on the grill and then cover it up so that it melts nicely and gives you a cheese "skirt". umm.. YUM.

All the veggies on the burger are super fresh and crunchy. The french fries are delish too. Just the right consistency and huge portions (we all split a large).

As an added bonus...I have a thing for ice...I love good ice. You know..the old style ice that taco bell use to have...like ice pellets?? or the kind of ice you get in the hospital when you are nauseous? If a place has good ice I am so excited.

This place had delicious ice. See...the small things in life really do make me happy!

So if you are ever in Sacramento and need a good greasy burger fix you MUST make your way over to the squeeze inn. Trust me ... you will not regret the extra calories.


Christy said...

OMG that looks so gross, but I'm sure it was yummy! Dan could totally go for one of those.

Courtney said...

That cheese looks delicious!
You're probably killing Toby as he's watching all this yummy food on tv, wondering when you'll get home to feed him!

Anonymous said...

Oh my G-d I never knew you were such a food addict - Is that all you eat - greasy - gooey stuff - You & Eric better have your cholesteral checked - It must be sky high from all that junk food
Love you both,

Just Another Small Town Girl said...

Oooh, that looks delish!!! I remember that place from DDD-my brother and I were drooling over the cheese...mmmmmm =)

Chrissy said...

I can't believe that you got a chance to go there. Can we say JEALOUS? I love DDD and write down places I want to go one day. There is no doubt in my mind that if you lived near me we would be hanging out ALL THE TIME!

shelby said...

I have never heard of a cheddar "skirt," but I think I need one. I am drooling!

Rhonda said...

Holy cow...I am the worst Sacramentan, I have never heard of that place! I had also never heard about the pie place before you blogged it. I really need to get out more!!!

MrsPresley said...

I saw that episode of DDD! I'm addicted to the food network, too... that's so cool that you got to go to one of the places featured on that show!! :) Not sure I could eat a whole burger, but I'd love to try one someday :)

Dana said...

DDD is on our TIVO list! I love it! I recognized the hamburger as soon as I saw it. I'm not sure if that's good or bad!