Wednesday, September 19, 2007

In 10 seconds or less...salsa!

I guess I have been a bad blogger lately. BUT! There is a reason for it. I decided that I was feeling totally toxic and gross and decided to do the Isagenix Cleanse. So basically I cannot blog to you about things I am eating because I am not really eating anything right now. Well, except for chocolate nutrition shakes and random 400 - 600 calorie meals.

I did this cleanse right before my wedding and seriously lost all bad cravings and lost about 10 lbs. It really helped jump start me into a good workout and eatting routine. I started the cleanse again a few days ago and I feel great. Plus, all my clothes are fitting better and a few people have told me I look skinny (hey....who doesn't like to hear that!).

So, one of the things on the cleanse is drinking these shakes. I feel they taste much better when blended. We bought a cheap-o blender a while ago from CVS and I opened it the other day to find out that it did not work. I needed a blender.

This was a perfect excuse to buy one of my favorite infomercial tools to mix up my shakes in! The Magic Bullet!!!

Don't lie. You know you have watched this infomercial. Every time this freaking thing comes on Eric & I watch it. If you have never seen it you are missing out! It is that typical infomercial format and then they have this loony lady with a cigarette and curlers come out randomly and question everything. Here is a short clip to show you what you are missing:

The magic bullet does everything...chops, juices...etc...etc. You can make everything in a magic bullet! In fact, we registered for one when we got married (and got one!! but it is in a box at home so I guess we will now have 2...thats can never have too many!!).

We have some good friends that are equally obsessed with the magic bullet and one night we actually had a magic bullet party. Everything was made in the bullet....hummus, salsa, drinks and more!

I love the is one of those infomercial things that are actually worth buying and now I am so excited that I have it with me on tour!


Just Another Small Town Girl said...

I LOVE that gadget!!! Cliff's mom got it for us and it's freaking perfect for my shakes!

Christy said...

Hmmm...I'll have to get one of those.

Rhonda said...

I don't think that I have seen the infomercial....but I'm definately wanting one now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah - just wanted to let you know that Pole Dancing has arrived in Michigan - There was an article in the Detroit News the other day telling about this woman that has a franchise for it - She has house parties & gives group & private lessons - she also sells the poles - also was glad to hear that you are off the junk food craze - Did you get to eat your chicken pot pie before you made this decision?
Love you both,

shelby said...

We got one for our wedding! LOVE it too!

scmfinance said...

An Isagenix user who didn't go with the Isagenix blender! What is the world coming to? j/k

The bullet rocks.

Sarah, do you have an Isagenix rep you use or do you just go thru the main site?