Thursday, July 3, 2008

Today was a good day!

I know .... I know. I have been super lazy lately and have not updated this blog. To be honest...I have not been lazy...I have just been really busy! So...over the next couple days I will try to get caught up but right now I just have to write a quick blog on why today was a good day.

So, I hate taco bell. I think it is gross. Even when I am drunk and its 2am I really do not want taco bell. I have just always thought it was pretty nasty.

This week...ALL I have wanted was Taco Bell. I could taste the Nacho Bell Grande in my mouth. I was craving it...BIG TIME! Sadly I knew of no Taco Bells in the area. It almost brought me to tears. I even tried to get nasty nachos from a different "fast food" taco place and it paled in comparison. I went to the Taco Bell website and plugged in my zip code. There was nothing in my area. It was possibly the saddest I have ever been.

Then today I go to order lunch. I usually order from It is this fabulous website with all the restaurants that deliver to your area. It stores your credit when you are hungry just pop on order your food and its there in no time! I love it. Super easy and you do not have to talk to anyone on the phone. Bonus!

Anyways..back to the story. So I go online looking for food and I am scanning the newly added restaurants and something miraculous happens. One of the restaurants is a Taco Bell!!!! I was filled with happiness and immediately ordered up my Nachos. 20 minutes later I was the happiest girl ever. They tasted just as I imagined they would...No...they tasted better. Am I crazy for going on and on about Taco Bell...maybe. But I do not care! It totally made my day and now I want more!!

So why else was today a good day?

I love the show Gossip Girl. Yes...I am aware that I am not 15. But I cannot help is totally my guilty pleasure TV show.

ANYWAYS....I was walking home from work today and realized that they were filming an episode a block away from me! Nothing was going on when I walked by. I think they were filming at the sassy hotel down the block. About an hour later Toby needed to go on a walk so I decided to stroll on by the trailers. They were basically shutting down and packing everything up. Oh well. No "sightings" tonight. Toby and I were strolling by Mr. Chuck Bass himself walks right next to me!
Don't worry I totally played it cool and waited until I was around the corner until I called my friends to share the star sighting news.

Who knew my block was so cool!

Well thats it for now. I am tired. I promise...I will try and write more later!


RACHEL said...

Welcome back! I've missed you! Oh, and I do love me some nachos bel grande! :)

Mary said...

Cravings are crazy, aren't they? I was at a point where I had to have something sweet after EVERY meal - even breakfast :)

Morgan said...

Yay for Taco Bell AND Gossip Girl! I'm jealous!

Christy said...

welcome back! i usually hate TB too, but love nachos bell grande. :-)