Saturday, March 29, 2008

Honk Honk

I admit it. I miss my car. I come from a state whose whole economy is focused on the automobile industry. So driving has been a big part of my life since I was young.

Getting a new car was a big deal. I remember posing by my dads new convertibles and thinking how cool it would be to have one of my own when I grew up.

When I graduated college I followed the path of many Michigan residents and went to work for a car company. Cars became my life...I talked to people on the phone about them...shmoozed with dealers...learned everything anyone could know about a Jeep Grand Cherokee...drove way too many miles....and launched a car brand in an international market. Cars were my life.

Even when I left Michigan and Eric and I went on tour...a car was still a major player in tour life. Every few weeks we would pack up ol' Bruiser (our nickname for the Jeep) and travel to the next town. We spent a lot of time in that car.

When we found out we were moving to New York we obviously did not need a car anymore. First of all...having a car in the city is an expense in itself. Apartments do not come with places to park a car...and parking on the streets is basically impossible. If you do find some kind of lot to park it is like having a 2nd rent to pay each month. So we sent ol' Bruiser to a friend and came to New York car-less.

I was very nervous coming here. I have had a car all my life and I honesty like to drive. I have never really had to take public transportation and the thought of learning the subway and bus system was a bit scary. I guess I was just nervous that I would get on the wrong subway and end up someplace I did not want to be.

But...after being here a few months now I actually think I am starting to "get" it.

First of all....every morning I walk out my front door and head to the bus stop on the corner. I get on the bus with all the other working people and head up to 5th avenue. The buses here are much better that than the buses in San Francisco. In San Fran you always seemed to run into a very scary toothless cracked out person. In New York...its basically people just heading to work. I take the same bus to and from work every day. Pretty easy! ( a side note..I also stop in the Trump Tower for a Starbucks every morning as it is across the street from work. I have not seen ol' Donald yet..but I will let you know if I do!)

As far as the subways...they really do not scare me anymore. Transfers? No problem. I have to admit I was very proud of myself...a few weekends ago I was meeting some people in the Village and one of the subway stops was completely messed up. I was able to re-route myself and actually did not even get lost...and I gotta tell was a crazy re-route! I had to get on a weird bus and everything!

So I guess I am finally getting into the swing of things here. I do not feel like a tourist at all. So thats a good thing. I think once it starts to warm up I will really start to enjoy my time in New York.

Bottom line...yes I miss my car...but I am learning how to survive without it.


Anonymous said...

Crikey, you do not need a car in NYC! NYC is a a place conducive for walking, taking public transportation or hiring a car with a driver. The parking rates are like a second rent you do not need. I was watching Regis and Kelly this past week when Bernadette Peters co-hosted with the Regee. She talked about a friend who thought they had found an ad for an apt. for $600.00 a month--it turned out to be for a parking space! Glad to hear that you are adjusting to NYC life and NYC life without a car.

Do let us know if/when you see Donald or any of the other Trumps. Have you been to Ivanka's jewellery shop yet on Madison Ave?

Anonymous said...

ah yes.. the" Mark Cross " edition Chrysler convertible.. the first one I had,,,, with the wonderful two tone leather seats.... thanks for the memories...


Anonymous said...

That is an adorable picture of you, Sarah! I'm glad that you're feeling more comfortable in the Big Apple...and congratulations on mastering the subway and other public transportation. Love, Margo

Christy said...

Glad to hear you're settling in quite well.
You'll enjoy NYC so much when it warms up--we sure did! I love it there during the summer! :-)

Beach Bum Marcie said...

Girlie, you should be blogging that PGy!! :)