Wednesday, January 30, 2008

You installed WHAT in your studio apartment?

This past December I turned 30. I was not very happy about it. It probably did not help that Eric had to work 2 shows and it was like my 3rd day in New York (therefore...did not have anyone to hang out with). Needless to say my 30th birthday was not very eventful. Toby and I chilled with a bottle of wine and watched some reruns on TV. Definitely not the big blow out that most 30ths are. Eric and I did have a very yummy brunch at least we had that!

Bottom line...not a very exciting birthDAY.

But a few days later my gift arrived.

So what do most people wish for on their 30th birthday. Jewelary? Clothes? A new Marc Jacobs purse? Yes ... those would all be nice. But this year...I got a very fun ... different.... fabulous gift!

You see, ever since I have started to take my S-Factor classes I have been telling Eric how I wanted a pole for home. That was obviously very hard to have on the road...its not easy to move a big bulky stripper pole from place to place.

Once we got to NYC I continued to bother Eric for one. Please keep in mind...we live in a small studio apartment. Probably not the ideal place for a large pole in the middle of the room.

Let me just interject this story by taking you back to the beginning of my blog days when I first starting talking about these stripper aerobics classes. My favorite comment was from my grandma in reference to the post. Here is what she had to say:

"Hi Sarah - I just finished reading your latest blog - Don't worry you can't shock me - what you do behind closed doors is your business - as long as you aren't stripping in public or pole dancing on stage it will be fun - who knows
you might get a pole for home & entertain Eric - See I'm modern!!!
Love you both,

Well Bubi...I guess you predicted the future because now Eric and I are the proud owners of a shiny black pole right smack dab in the middle of our pad. The day after my birthday a huge box that was about 10 feet tall was delivered to my door. Eric told me I was not allowed to open it until he got home...but the packaging spoiled it. I mean...what else could be in that box?!?! It took us a few tries to actually figure out how to put it up in our apartment (considering the stud finder we had was a piece of crap)...but now it is up...extremely sturdy (go eric!) and there for all my practicing needs!

Being that it is black it actually blends right in with the furniture...well not really...but it does fit in with our design theme I guess......

We are almost done decorating our hopefully I will have some pics of the entire apartment soon!


Christy said...

Oooh how fun. I eventually want to try S-Factor, there is one here in Houston. From what I can see in the pic, it looks like a nice apartment! Can't wait to see more pics.

Anonymous said...

what can i say....... you have made my mother a first time publised Author,,and it only took her 83 years.......
glad to see you decided to make some new blogs..

Love Dad

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah - just finished reading all your new blogs - I'm so glad that you are back to writing again - Yes I do remember telling you that what you do behind closed doors is your business - Hope you have fun with your new classes & by the way your father is wrong I'm still 82 - Wont get to 83 until June -
Love you both

Anonymous said...

Hey Mrs. Gutty!

I am an admirer of both you and your hubby. Just discovered your blog. You are a great blogger iin your own right.

That is so sweet that your hubby got you exactly what you wanted when you both relocated to NYC. Have fun practicing the night and day away on your very own new pole! Like belly dancing, the S Factor is all about the woman--the spirit (and other aspects) of the woman.

I must say, you have a cool grandma. I love her comments. She is one modern lady!

On anpther topic, I like the recipes. I am going to give the brownie recipe a try for sure. Keep those recipes coming when you can in between the workouts.

RACHEL said...

Oh how I wish San Diego had S-Factor!

Mary said...

Your family sounds adorable - love the b-day gift! That's awesome!

MrsPresley said...

your grandma is so cute! happy 30th by the way :)