Monday, January 4, 2010

Another Day in the Living Room

New Years Resolution #1 was to take a picture a day and post it here. Well its January far so good :) I have to admit though...its COLD here and its hard to get outside and DO things (i.e....hard to find new places to take picture that are not in my teeny tiny living room). Well...about 3 more months of Winter here in Michigan...hope you don't get bored of my living room!

New Years Resolution #2 was to get in better shape (isn't that everyones resolution?). Anyways....that started today and I got off my butt (and out of my living room) and made it to the gym. It was nice getting back on the treadmill and it helps that I workout at an "off" time so the gym is basically dead. Lets hope I can keep up with this resolution as well!

And now...back to the living room...

I know this one is a little blurry....but thought it was too cute not to include.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah - I just happened to stumble onto your Actors Wife blog - what a nice surprise to see these beautiful pictures of my Shayna Punum Riley - Keep up the good work - you take such beautiful pictures - that outfit the lady made in Chicago is beautiful - I'd love to make something for Riley - let me know what I can make
Love to the 3 of you