Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nom, Nom, Nom

I don't know why but the concept of starting Riley on solid food really freaked me out. There are so many different opinions out there...when to start...what to start with...rice cereal or no rice ceral...baby led feeding...etc etc etc. There really is no clear cut "you should do this" train of thought with solids...and that really scared me.

Riley has been eating solid food for a month now and I still overthink EVERYTHING related to it (gee...what else is new). I remember a lot of people telling me "solid food is fun!" "have fun with it!!". Sorry folks...I don't really know if I would call this fun. It just causes me so much stress!! I guess the whole fact that you are making all these decisions for someone else is kind of a daunting task.

So anyways...about a month ago we decided to skip the rice cereal and start Riley on sweet potatoes. And now...for your viewing pleasure (please excuse my weird baby noises)...Riley's first bite of real food:

I have been making all of the food so far (except for the oatmeal of course). I have really been enjoying making her food and knowing exactly whats going in her mouth. I pretty much go to these websites for guidance: http://www.wholesomebabyfood.com/ and http://www.nurturebaby.com/. Surprisingly she is a HUGE veggie fan. Butternut squash is actually her favorite thing so far. Other favorites include carrots, peas, banana and yogurt. Toby is also a very big fan of Riley...especially when she is trying to feed herself. He just sits right next to her high chair patiently waiting for a morsel of food to fall to the floor. Needless to say...he is packing on the pounds.

So, normally I am not a fan of pictures with food all over a babies face...BUT...since the subject of this blog post is about food I guess I will go against everything I believe in (well...maybe thats a little overboard...) and show you some.

banana and sweet potato


Butternut squash

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah - I decided to peek at your Actors Wife to see if you posted anything new - SURPRISE what a beautiful introduction to seeing Riley eat real food - I can't wait until you return to Michigan so that I can make her some chicken soup with carrots - from the looks of her she seems to be a good eater -
Hopefully you will be home by next summer so she can go to Auntie Nancy & Uncle Butch's pool where all the great nieces & nephews have learned to swim
Love to the 3 of you.