Sunday, August 30, 2009

I think I have a problem

I think I need to submit myself to that show "Intervention" because ... seriously...I have issues.

So what is my "drug" of choice?

Food...well sometimes but thats not what this is about.

My addiction? OWLS. read that right owls.

I am addicted to all things owl. If I see something with owls on it I NEED to buy it. It is no coincidence that Rileys room has a "woodland creature" theme. In fact...Riley just so happens to be wearing an outfit today with owls all over it. Ugh. I really have issues. Here is your proof:

Currently...Riley's collection of owl related things is growing at a fast pace.

She has:

*owl diaper
*owl wet bag (for her diapers)
*owl lamp
*owl wall decor
*owl dress (as illustrated above)

My addiction is not secret. When people are out and about or internet shopping they fuel my problem by sending me the owl link or telling me where to purchase my drug. They are like my shopping dealers!

I know...there could be worse things to be addicted to. I mean...owls are SO CUTE! And luckily (or unluckily) for me the trend this fall seems to be "woodland creatures". I have already spotted several owl related outfits at various stores around town.

Now if only I could find a cute girly owl Halloween costume...then my life would truly feel complete :)


Lacey said...

Baby Owl costume:


Sarah said...

Thanks Lacey :) I saw that one...but I don't think its as cute as some of the other costumes out there :( I wish babystyle was still open. They had the cutest costumes.

Anonymous said...

that precious angel looks good in anything you put on her - I need PICTURES - PICTURES & MORE PICTURES - I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF HER

Anonymous said...

Owls are the best though, anything with owls on it is super cute. I love owls. And of all the things in the world to be addicted to, owls is a pretty good thing.