Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Matchmaking....New Career Choice???

Who knew little ol' me could be such a good matchmaker.

Sometimes you just KNOW things will work out. You just get a feeling that you need to make something happen. I got this feeling over 2 years ago with my friend Lorelei. Lorelei and I met when we both worked for Chrysler. Over the years we have grown closer and I feel very lucky to have met her. We share many of the same interests and although I HATED my job at Chrysler I do feel like it added many great things to my of those being the friendship with Lorelei. We traveled to Spain one year for New Years, she opened her home to me while I was being transfered for work, spent many nights boozing it up and getting taco bell and she was there when I married Eric on the Beach.
At a wedding in the single days

New Years in Spain

Martinis in Traverse City

Tailgating at Michigan State

In Florida

Lets back up for a second. My friend Liz has a brother named Seth. I have know their family since I was elementary school. They are one of the best families around and every time I am over at their home or going out to dinner with them they just make you feel like a member of the (already huge) family. Seth is an amazing person.....

Over 2 years ago when Seth & Lorelei were both single I just KNEW that they would be perfect together. I don't know why...I just had this "feeling". I bugged my friend Liz everyday to have her brother call Lorelei. I think this went on for over a month. Finally Liz relayed the message and Seth gave her a call.

I guess after that the rest is history. They just clicked!

Last week, Seth got down on one knee and asked Lorelei to marry him.

I was so ecstatic to hear the great news. They make an amazing couple and it is all due to me...just kidding :) But in all seriousness I have known Seth's family for so long...It almost seems like Lorelei is marrying into my family! I am so excited for them. When she called to tell me the amazing news I started crying...just because I knew they were perfect for one another and their relationship was just ment to be.

Lorelei...I am so happy for you guys. I guess the amazing memories of drunk nights at the fever and century club at your pad are behind us. But, I know there are many more great memories to come!

Congrats you guys. I am so excited for you both and I know you will live a long happy life together!


Anonymous said...

So now I want to cry that you wrote the cutest and sweetest thing ever. Thank you!! You are so wonderful!

SO FUN! I love being engaged!!! : )

Anonymous said...

well,, I know that this is Sarah's blog,,, but I just want to say congratulations to Seth and Lorelei.... ( and my eyes misted up when I read the announcement)....
Mazol Tov you guys!!!!!
Sarah's Dad

Anonymous said...

Sarah, please tell Lorelei and Seth congratulations for me. I thought they made an adorable couple when I met them at your wedding. You're blessed to have so many wonderful friends. Love, Margo

Anonymous said...


Loreli and Seth are so lucky to have you in their lives! Congratulations on trusting your intuition and making a good match! Happiness always to the very lucky couple!